STARS Software Solutions for increase effectiveness and efficiency during vehicle development


High quality results delivered in real-time with STARS software

STARS Software solutions used in vehicle testing for real-time results

Whether you are a Test Engineer, Facility Manager, or other high-level decision maker, our suite of applications makes automated testing and lab optimization easier. Depending on the application, it gathers, manages, and delivers reliable data to increase your efficiency and improve your ability to make informed decisions.

The software supports complex automotive testing environments across vehicle platforms, propulsion methods, evolving standards and regulations, and enables the integration of third-party devices and programs.

Test Automation Software Products | Data Management and Process Automation Software Products | Facility and Asset Management Software Products

Test Automation Software

Run real-time tests for both vehicles and component systems

STARS Software Solutions used for automation of multiple devices

As today’s testing becomes increasingly complex, we support your pivot from traditional ICE to new energy propulsion methods.

Our general-purpose STARS test automation platform helps you develop and run customized tests, even for complex applications, using a wide range of extension points.

It runs in a highly deterministic real-time environment, so whether you are testing a complete ICE vehicle or developing a next generation propulsion component, STARS is a powerful and flexible asset in your testing capabilities.

Our Test Automation Software Products

Data Management and Process Automation Software

Collect wide range of data sources to drive quality and efficiency

Software solutions for data management and process automation

Manage your test lab by efficiently managing your data.

STARS Enterprise Lab Management is your command center to accumulate data from multiple sources.

It collates, distills, and transforms diverse engineering input data into meaningful tasks, procedures, and information. This lifts the burden of automating simple data management from your highly skilled engineering team to allow them to focus on value-add activities.

STARS Enterprise does this using intuitive apps and processes designed to reduce duplication of input, minimize errors, and provide full process transparency.

This intuitive web-based suite is accessible from any web browser and is easily customizable to the unique needs of your test process and data management philosophy.

Our Data Management and Process Automation Software Products

Facility and Asset Management Software

Optimize test cell output and minimize unplanned downtime

STARS Software for Facility and Asset Management during vehicle development

Using a combination of live status monitoring, quality management tools and efficient activity management, the STARS Enterprise Insight solution can revolutionize your facility management.

Gain a quick and precise understanding of your equipment’s state-of-health, your processes, and potential productivity issues in your test facility with STARS Facility and Asset Management.

With heightened awareness comes peace of mind and confidence that your test results will be valid and test repetition unnecessary.

This software also helps you coordinate and optimize maintenance and calibration to ensure optimal test equipment operational status.

Our Facility and Asset Management Software Products

Test Automation Software

STARS Automation for increased efficiency and effectiveness during vehicle testing

Data Management & Process Automation

Facility & Asset Management

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