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Mobility is changing. The automotive industry is facing a period of extraordinary disruption driven by new competition and technologies, shifts in consumer sentiment, and tightening legislation.   

All major manufacturers across the mobility industry now build vehicles or automotive systems that are either heavily hybridized or are increasingly electrified in an attempt to meet fuel-efficiency and CO2 targets. Connected and autonomous vehicles and fuel cell technologies are a key part of meeting our long term emissions goals, but this host of new technologies requires extensive R&D and development. Meanwhile, it is also critical to continue to support internal combustion engine development as projections show their significant, yet shifting, role over the next decade. 

We are here to help manufacturers and developers face these challenges with ever-expanding engineering expertise, flexible and dynamic toolsets, engineering consultancy, support services, and an established reputation for industry collaboration.


Engineering Consultancy and Test

Service Lifecycle Management

Parts and Service of Measurement System for Heavy-Duty Vehicle Development

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