Heavy-Duty Vehicles

The heavy-duty on-highway industry is facing a period of unprecedented change. Immense regulatory complexity and resource constraints are hitting engine development and certification hard, along with shorter development timeframes. New regulations for greenhouse gases and NOx are driving the need for additional measurement devices, practices, and techniques in order to gain as much efficiency as possible. At the same time, companies are diversifying their skill sets in order to address a widening technology base.  

HORIBA understands that in order to meet these challenges there will be no one-size-fits-all answer for every manufacturer or developer. It is here to help its customers find and implement complete solutions using diverse resources and a depth of expertise—just as it has done for the past 75 years.
HORIBA will support the heavy-duty industry as it shifts—over time—from a dependence on internal combustion engines to a complex mix of hybridization and electrification including the use of hydrogen and fuel cells. 

HORIBA’s flexible and robust analyzers provide industry-leading ultra-low NOX measurement that is compliant with current US and EU regulations, both in the lab and on the road. It also offers all the measurement equipment and engineering support necessary to perform both traditional and electrified powertrain development—including battery and fuel cell systems and the expertise to safely integrate these solutions into any type of vehicle architecture. Efficiency is key in a lab environment and HORIBA’s software tools help modernize lab automation, create synergy between labs, ensure compliance with new and emerging regulations, and ultimately help users successfully meet product development timelines.




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