Preventative Maintenance

A preventative hardware and software maintenance plan at factory standards is very important to avoid unplanned downtime and keep labs running on schedule. By performing maintenance at regularly scheduled intervals, equipment life is extended and overall efficiency is improved.

HORIBA offers customized maintenance programs designed by experienced equipment specialists. These are tailored to fit a testing facility’s needs and to optimize equipment performance. Plans are customizable to specific requirements in order to keep test schedules on track.

A preventative maintenance contract allows a customer to benefit from a specific service level agreement for spare parts and repairs.

A preventative maintenance program includes inspection and maintenance activities which can be designed to include applicable global standards/regulations, WLTP or CFR standards, or other pre-agreed criteria. 

HORIBA Service Engineers perform all maintenance according to factory quality standards. This team of highly trained specialists is kept up-to-date on changing standards and regulations, uses specialized verification tools, and receives constant factory support. Parts and labor are guaranteed. 

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