Data integrity has always been important, but with new regulations, it has become critical. Regularly scheduled calibration keeps equipment running properly to ensure reliable, repeatable, and accurate data.

HORIBA offers calibration services for its emissions test systems designed by experienced equipment specialists to ensure requirements are met and optimal performance is achieved. For mechatronic equipment, we offer verifications of the equipment based on factory certification. * 

Combined with a customized maintenance program, HORIBA is a one-stop service provider to ensure your equipment is always ready.

Experienced HORIBA Calibration Engineers perform all calibration and system checks whether in-house or on-site, guaranteed to both international and national standards. Checkout tests are done in an ISO 17025 accredited lab* using HORIBA testing standards.

Full reports are provided after each calibration listing all actions taken and the calibration results. This accreditation evidence helps customers complete quality audit trails as necessary.  

HORIBA offers calibration packages with a range of services and pricing.

*For specific calibration information contact your local service team. 

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