SPARC Brake - Digital Controller

Digital Controller

SPARC Brake is a digital controller optimized for Inertia Brake Dynamometers. As a member of the SPARC family of universal controllers, SPARC Brake is using a modular design to enable more flexible configurations to fulfill any specific test environment.

SPARC Brake uses sophisticated control algorithms and provides superior and intelligent control of brake actuators with highest control accuracy to cover the wide range of brake test applications. From simple static brake testing to high dynamic simulation procedures, it is able to meet the highest demands for today’s and tomorrow’s brake test requirements, for example GM-TIP.

SPARC Brake is made for motorcycle, car, van, truck, railway and aircraft brakes. It is suitable for hydraulically or pneumatically actuated brakes and features superior Pressure & Torque and Force Controls.

It has been designed to operate with HORIBA’s Automation System STARS Brake. Configuration, parameterisation and monitoring of the controller’s algorithms are all available via a graphical user interface from the STARS Brake PC.

Segment: Automotive
Division: Mechatronics
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Europe GmbH
  • SPARC Brake provides accurate and reproducible measuring results
  • Suitable for a wide range of brake test applications
  • Torque control with pressure ramp as required by the latest automotive industry specifications, e.g. GM-TIP
  • Simultaneous, closed loop control, including defined limit-values
  • Fast data recording up to 5,000 Hz
  • Integrated recording of rpm and torque (via torque flange or load cell) with 16 Bit resolution
  • Adjustable digital signal filter
  • State of the art graphical user interface for easy operation providing a comprehensive overview
  • SPARC Brake provides optimized control algorithms running with 1kHz
  • In-house manufacturing guaranties long availability and life cycle
  • Based on decades of knowledge of digital control Design

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