Mechanical Assembler

At HORIBA, we don’t just offer a job; we invite you to join a vibrant community of innovators, problem-solvers, and visionaries. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the ordinary, and our benefits package reflects that spirit.

What Awaits You:

  1. 401(k) Adventure: Imagine your financial future as a thrilling expedition. Our 401(k) plan comes with a match—a compass guiding you toward financial security.
  2. Dental & Vision Quest: Your smile deserves the best. Our employee group dental and vision coverage ensures that your pearly whites and eagle-eyed vision remain top-notch.
  3. Life & Disability Armor: We’ve got your back (and your front). Life and disability coverage—paid for by the company—ensures you’re protected on this epic journey.
  4. Medical Magic: Health is your superpower. Our medical insurance plan empowers you to conquer any health challenges that come your way.
  5. Family Vision & Dental Enchantment: Extend the magic to your loved ones. Family dental and vision insurance keeps their eyes twinkling and their smiles enchanting.
  6. Supplemental Life Elixir: For those extra layers of protection, our supplemental life insurance is like a magical potion—available with reasonable employee contributions.
  7. Employee Assistance Portal: When life throws riddles your way, our assistance program provides answers. Whether it’s a quest for mental well-being or practical advice, we’ve got your back.
  8. Paid Holidays & Vacation Expeditions: Explore new horizons! Our paid holidays and vacation time allow you to recharge, explore distant lands, or simply enjoy a staycation.
  9. Flexible Spending Alchemy: Transform your expenses into opportunities. Our flexible spending accounts let you wield financial magic.
  10. Educational Quests & Commuter Adventures: Knowledge is the ultimate treasure. With educational reimbursement, you can embark on quests of learning. And for your daily commute, our commuter benefit programs make every journey an adventure.


Join the Quest:

If you’re ready to embark on a career journey filled with wonder, growth, and camaraderie as a HORIBARIAN apply here: Unleash your potential at HORIBA!
If you are an individual with a disability and need accommodation during the application/hiring process, please email or call (248) 925-1012 for assistance. HORIBA will provide reasonable accommodations, upon request, to support individuals with disabilities to be able to participate in the hiring process. HORIBA is committed to making our workplace accessible for individuals with disabilities.

EEO/Affirmative Action/Veteran Status/Disabilities.
Disclaimer: No dragons were harmed in the making of this job posting; however, AI was likely used.

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