Release of the AP-380 Series of Analyzers for Diverse Air Quality Monitoring Needs

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HORIBA, Ltd., a global leader in analytical and measurement technologies, proudly announces the launch of its groundbreaking AP-380 series of analyzers, catering to diverse air quality monitoring needs.
The AP-380 series offers a comprehensive lineup of five models, each tailored to address specific trace gas monitoring requirements. These cutting-edge models include APMA-380 for carbon monoxide, APSA-380 for sulfur dioxide, APOA-380 for ozone, APNA-380 for nitrogen oxides, and APHA-380 for hydrocarbons trace gas monitoring. 

Newly developed upon the foundation of HORIBA’s core technology for trace gas analysis 

The AP-380 series embodies global software optimization and modular design. This design allows for flexible combination of modules within one analyzer, promoting usability, reduced size, and eco-friendliness.

While the previous AP-370 series was primarily utilized for air pollution monitoring in the regulatory market, with the main users being local authorities, air quality networks, and private companies adhering to local environment regulations, the newly released AP-380 series expands its scope to serve a broader range of industries. It now caters to the low concentration gas measurements required in various industrial processes, impurity monitoring for quality assurance of industrial gases, gas leakage monitoring within equipment by incorporating an inside analyzer module, trace gas monitoring for ozone in water treatment plants, working environment air quality monitoring, and more. The modular design further enables local customization to meet customer needs and quick onsite module replacement, facilitating rapid response to troubleshooting and uninterrupted 24/7 measurement capacities. 

One of the outstanding features of the AP-380 series is remote operation from various devices, such as PCs, smartphones, and tablets. This advanced function significantly reduces the number of customer site visits, lowering operational costs, minimizing environmental impact from transportation emissions, and improving working conditions for personnel. 
Furthermore, the AP-380 series incorporates an ecologically friendly design with an emphasis on environmental preservation. The analyzer contributes to a sustainable society through reduced power consumption, utilization of long-life parts to minimize waste, and an ozone generator with clean exhaust.

Satoshi Inoue, Deputy General Manager from HORIBA, Ltd., says, “The AP-380 series addresses customers’ daily measurement challenges, provides solutions and tailor-made packages for trace gas monitoring needs, and contributes to society through its environment- and user-friendly design.”

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The AP-380 series