Yumizen H500- Affordable 6 part Hematology Analyzer

|   Press Release

Hematology Everywhere, For Everyone

In recent years, healthcare diagnostics manufacturers have had to adapt to changing needs. While cost effectiveness remains a key requirement for all; more advanced countries frequently seek this through increased automation and high performance medical diagnostics, whereas emerging countries ask for diagnostic solutions to raise their quality standards

The new Yumizen family is designed to meet all these challenging worldwide requirements. The Yumizen H500 family, strengthens the core business of HORIBA Medical by providing a cost-effective hematology profile for small to mid-size laboratories and clinics. The Yumizen H500 will produce a rapid and comprehensive hematology diagnosis, to assist clinicians in the delivery of safe and effective patient care.

With HORIBA Medical's proven technologies and innovation, the Yumizen H500 is a compact and robust hematology analyzer tailored for all types of laboratories and other clinical settings demanding easy operation and reliable analysis such as routine and satellite laboratories, Emergency Care and Physician?s Offices.

First Hematology automation under the new brand Yumizen H500 is a with the power of its six features. This includes: 27 parameters including complete 6 part differential (LMNEB+LIC), Only 2 reagents for analysis, Artificial Intelligence System including Automatic Startup and Shutdown, 2D graph for better demographical screening of Quality Control results, Unequivocal technologies: Volume Cytochemistry based Flow-Cytometry and Color print reports. Unique parameter for Platelet Distribution like P-LCC can mitigate in quantification of large platelets along with Platelet Aggregates, Microerythrocytes and Giant Platelets. Patented technology like Double Hydrodynamic sequential System (DHSS) makes Yumizen H500 better choice for the laboratory.

Morphology flags and Alarms helps laboratory for the better screening and reporting. Yumizen H500 is designed to provide a timely and precise hematology diagnosis. Based on micro-sampling of whole blood, Yumizen can perform any type of blood sample including pediatric tubes through one single sampling mode.