HORIBA introduces all-in-one Portable Emissions Measurement System OBS-ONE

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Modular on-board emissions measurement system to comply with latest emission testing regulation requirements. Software functions to streamline measurement process as well as data post processing.

HORIBA, the world’s leading supplier of engine exhaust analyzers and instrumentation, introduces a new portable emissions measurement system (PEMS) for measuring real driving emissions (RDE) as a direct response to new requirements and testing procedures for certifying passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. HORIBA will present the new solution at the RDE corner, booth 1512, at this year´s Automotive Testing Expo Europe in Stuttgart.

“As the worldwide leading supplier of emission test systems with five decades of professional experience in this field, we aim to be a strong partner for our customers when it comes to new regulations with the power to shake up the industry, such as the new Euro 6d-TEMP regulation,” says Natalie Baltes, European Product Manager of OBS-ONE. “We designed the OBS-ONE Series to support our customers while adjusting to the new requirements, providing an easy to install, safe and accurate solution, which allows stable operation over long driving periods.”

Vehicle testing under real road conditions

The OBS-ONE series measures concentrations of emissions, particulate matter, particle number, exhaust flow rate, monitors GPS data and environmental conditions and calculates mass emissions. The three main products comprise the OBS-ONE-GAS (Gas), OBS-ONE-PN (Particle Number) and OBS-ONE-PM (Particulate Matter) unit, while the OBS-ONE gas analysis unit enables hot and wet based measurement of the gaseous components CO, CO2, NO, NOx and total hydrocarbons (THC). With the new MA unit, the OBS-ONE gas analysis unit now also measures methane (CH4).

Another benefit of the series comprises exchange- and convertibility of all modules which makes the OBS-ONE series highly adaptable for different applications depending on the customers´ needs.

Easy to use features allow all-in-one measurement processes

The total OBS-ONE system for regulation compliance, engine and vehicle research furthermore comprises a comprehensive test package which includes the features self-diagnosis, quality check and calibration before testing.

During the test, the system monitors a variety of environmental variables such as ambient temperature and humidity. It automatically calculates the corresponding mass emissions of the regulated exhaust gases. As the system checks measuring data during the testing process in real time, invalid test results are mitigated and accurate measurement is ensured.

The new series not only simplifies measurement and ensures safety as drivers can concentrate on driving without any operation; it also streamlines data post processing. Displaying the camera-recorded drive replay and a GPS map related to the measured data, OBS-ONE simplifies the complicated process of calculation and analysis and creates test reports for certification complying with latest legislation requirements.

The system furthermore comprises the highly adaptable, intelligent and intuitive operating platform HORIBA ONE PLATFORM which gives customers complete system control and view due to showing all measurements taken with OBS-ONE units on one single display.

At this year´s Automotive Testing Expo Europe in Stuttgart, HORIBA will introduce all available products and components from the OBS-ONE series, which are not only suitable for RDE testing of passenger cars, light and heavy duty vehicles but also applicable for non-road mobile machinery which will be subject to certification in the near future. With the OBS-ONE series, HORIBA has taken action to actively support companies during the transition from classic test bed models to RDE-compliant measurements.

HORIBA Portable Emissions Measurement System OBS-ONE