HORIBA announces STARS Battery Software Solution

|   Press Release

STARS Battery offers comprehensive test capabilities for battery testing applications.

Oberursel, Germany – HORIBA, a global leader in mobility test and measurement solutions, announces the launch of its STARS Battery software, catering to diverse battery testing needs.

With electric propulsion systems gaining more importance in the global mobility market, the need to provide test automation systems for batteries as core components has become indispensable. HORIBA STARS Automation is a flexible test automation platform that provides a comprehensive toolset for a wide range of test duties in the mobility industry. With STARS Battery as the latest addition to the STARS Automation platform, HORIBA provides an application to run battery tests regarding performance and durability.

STARS Battery is applicable for testing duties on single battery cells, battery modules and battery packs. It provides a standard test library that is ready to use and is compliant with most of the common battery testing standards like ISO 12405-4:2018 or IEC 62660-1.

As typical for unison with any application on the STARS platform, STARS Battery provides the flexibility to create customized test procedures and to interface with different test equipment, such as battery cyclers, chamber controllers or temperature controllers.

“STARS Battery is adding another important piece to our automation and electrification portfolio. It contributes greatly to our customers' changing test demands, by closing the gap between traditional ICE component testing and BEV applications. We are confident that STARS Battery will have a significant impact on not only making our customers test procedures faster and more efficient, but also enabling them to expand their testing capabilities”, says Vincent Foulart “Director of Product Management, Test Automation”.

Combined with the HORIBA lab management system STARS Enterprise, STARS Battery provides a seamless comprehensive solution for industrial battery testing duties whilst ensuring efficient data and workflow management.

STARS Battery is planned to be available Q4 2024.


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