EFCF - European Fuel Cell Forum 2024

- | Lucerne, Switzerland
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The European Fuel Cell Forum (EFCF) 2024 in Lucerne is a high-level exchange platform on High Temperature Fuel Cells, Electrolysers & H2 Processing.


Beginning: 07/02/24

End: 07/05/24

Location: Lucerne, Switzerland

Join the Leading Edge of High Temperature Fuel Cells, Electrolysers & H2 Processing at EFCF 2024

July 2-5, 2024 | Lucerne, Switzerland | Booth B19

We invite you to participate in the European Fuel Cell Forum (EFCF) 2024, a premier event focused on high-temperature fuel cells, electrolysers, and hydrogen processing. This conference is an essential platform for scientists, engineers, and industry professionals specializing in solid oxide technologies, including SOFC, SOE, and CO2 emission reduction and reuse.

Why EFCF 2024?

  • Expert Knowledge Sharing: Connect with leading experts in the field and gain insights into the latest scientific and technological advancements.
  • Innovative Solutions: Discover new applications and developments in fuel cell technology.
  • Networking Opportunities: Engage with a global community of professionals to exchange ideas and foster collaborations.

Join Jana Kalbacova from HORIBA Jobin Yvon GmbH for an insightful exploration of the future of fuel cell technology at EFCF 2024.