Launching the Industry's Widest Range and Highest Precision Measurement Nanoparticle Analyzer “SZ-100”

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HORIBA, Ltd. released the desktop-size nanoparticle analyzer “SZ-100” for nanomaterial particle size and surface potential measurement in Japan and the greater Asian market. The sales launch for the USA and EU countries will be in March 2010.

The SZ-100 is capable of measuring low-concentrations of ultrafine particles in the subnano size range that are used by advanced laboratories. It is a state-of-the-art analysis tool for advancing bio- and nanomaterial technologies, and for producing nanomaterials such as nanoceramics and nanometals. The SZ-100 enables easy desktop analysis of nanoparticle behavior, dispersivity and dispersion stability. Featuring a unique optical system designed by HORIBA, the SZ-100 analyzer achieves industry's best measurement performance and the widest measurement range (0.3 nm to 8 µm). This allows the instrument to meet not only the laboratories' needs but also the quality control needs at production facilities.

Situation in the Nanoparticle Analysis Market

In the nanomaterial and biomaterial fields, raw-material particle size and zeta potential have a significant influence on product performance and properties. The key to ensuring high product performance is to control the quality of nano-particle raw material.  This is accomplished by analyzing it in a solution containing these particles at low concentrations. The apparatus conventionally used in laboratories to analyze ultrafine particles requires operator expertise and involves complex operations. Demand is emerging for an advanced apparatus that is easy for routine users to employ, and yet can analyze low-concentration ultrafine particles with high accuracy.

Nanoparticle Analyzer SZ-100

The SZ-100 analyzer developed by HORIBA uses the principle of “photon correlation spectroscopy.” It is intended for subnanometer measurement with the same level of performance as a laboratory analyzer. It accomplishes this with desktop-size suitable for use at a production site. Due to the set up of the algorithm, this analyzer has the widest measurement range in the industry. It is 10 times that of our current instrumentation; three times that of our competitors with 100 times the sensitivity of current technology in the marketplace.

The instrument is capable of measuring not only particle size, but also zeta potential. The latter property indicates particle dispersivity, cohesion etc. This makes the SZ-100 useful for detailed analysis of particles. It can also be used to characterize protein and polymer molecular weights.

With these functions, the SZ-100 gives production-site quality control personnel a simple-to-use tool for QA procedures. It is such an advanced analysis tool that it could also be used in laboratories in developing new technologies.

Major Features

  1. Industry's widest measurement range: 0.3 nm to 8,000 nm (8 µm) max. 
    A wide range of particle sizes, from subnanometer size (molecular size) up to micron size can be analyzed using a single analyzer.
  2. Industry's smallest sample size: 100 µL cell for zeta potential measurement
    Applicable to measurement of precious samples of biomaterials and nanomaterials
  3. High sensitivity for the analysis of small amounts of dilute samples.  Equipped with a high-intensity laser source and a unique optical system of HORIBA’s design which features low levels of light noise.

Major Specifications

Outside dimensions:527 W × 385 D × 73 H (cm)
Mass (Main body):Approximately 30 kg