HORIBA Launches Duetta Fluorescence and Absorbance Spectrometer

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- Among the Best in the Industry for its Lightweight and Compact Footprint -

HORIBA, a global leader in fluorescence instrumentation and solutions, has announced the release of DuettaTM fluorescence and absorbance spectrometer (hereinafter, “DuettaTM”), which performs non-destructive, non-contact analysis of quantities and properties of object substances.

A two-in-one fluorescence and absorbance spectrometer*1,*2, DuettaTM achieves efficient analysis and measurement of substances, which has been hard to do with fluorescence spectrometers alone. In response to demand from customers who wish to use a fluorescence spectrometer in the limited space of a small laboratory, DuettaTM also achieves a lightweight and compact footprint that is among the best in the industry.

DuettaTM can be used to analyze a wide range of materials across multiple fields, including pharmaceutical analysis as well as analysis using fluorescence probes*3 and fluorescence dyes (bio-life science), solar batteries and LED materials (industrial materials), and minerals and rare earth metals (scarce resources and materials).

*1 Fluorescence spectrometer: A fluorescence spectrometer is an instrument that analyzes the presence, concentration, emission wavelength, and other properties of object substances by irradiating a substance with the light of a specific wavelength and capturing the light of a wavelength different from that of irradiated light (fluorescence and phosphorescence).

*2 Absorbance spectrometer: An absorbance spectrometer is an instrument that determines the amount of light absorbed by a sample (absorbance) by measuring how much light has been transmitted through a sample when irradiating a liquid sample with the light of a specific wavelength.

*3 Fluorescence probe: A fluorescence probe is a molecule that emits an intense light when bound with certain molecules. Among its uses is the ability to selectively cause cancer cells to emit light and to observe live body tissue.

<Background of Development>

DuettaTM is a fluorescence spectrometer that embodies technological knowhow gained through development of high-end spectrometers with the addition of enhanced ease-of-use features. A fluorescence spectrometer is used in a variety of fields, including in the life sciences, electronics, chemistry, agricultural science, and environmental studies. One application that is experiencing growing demand is real-time observation (e.g., live measurement of changes in body tissues and proteins using fluorescence probes).

Previously, a bottleneck existed when using fluorescence spectrometers to analyze high-concentration samples; there was a need to correct data by also using absorbance measured by an absorbance spectrometer, which added to the time before optimal data was gained. As a solution to this, the functions of an absorbance spectrometer have been added to a fluorescence spectrometer so that data can be automatically corrected to achieve efficient analysis and measurement.

<Main Features>

1. Two-in-one solution for accurate and high-speed measurement

DuettaTM is a spectrometer that combines the functions of fluorescence and absorbance spectrometers. This two-in-one spectrometer not only broadens its field of applications but also enables the collection of accurate fluorescence spectra*4 by correcting for the inner filter effect*5 (IFE), thus allowing for better analysis of substances.

Furthermore, the built-in CCD detector extends the wavelength range for high-speed measurement.

2. Among the best in its class for its lightweight and compact footprint

DuettaTM requires 2/3 of the footprint and 1/2 the weight of competing fluorescence spectrometers. Considerable downsizing and weight reduction were realized.

(Dimensions [W x D x H]: 43.18 cm x 51.816 cm x 36.576 cm; Weight: 20.4 kg)

3. Enhanced user-friendliness

Conventional fluorescence spectrometers require specialist maintenance technicians as even the slightest misalignment inside the equipment could affect measurements. By using a consumable cartridge lamp, which customers may replace with ease, DuettaTM offers easy maintenance.

In addition, the EzSpecTM software interface with touch-screen utility (first in the industry) ensures simple measuring operation.

*4 Fluorescence spectra: Fluorescence intensity as measured by fixing the wavelength of light that object substances are irradiated with (exciting light).

*5 Inner filter effect: The inner filter effect is a phenomenon where emitted light is absorbed by a sample itself, significantly impacting measurement of high-concentration samples, thus impairing reproducibility of quantitative measurement.

Fluorescence and absorbance spectrometer Duetta
Fluorescence and absorbance spectrometer Duetta