United States International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) 2022 Finalist

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The United States International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) 2022 has selected the HORIBA ADS EVO Automatic Driving System as a finalist. Thus far, ADS EVO has also been recognized for its design twice before by the 50th Machinery Industrial Design Award and the JIDA Design Museum Selection. HORIBA will continue to pursue even better designs and usability to provide products generating value for customers.

Finalist Overview: ADS EVO Automatic Driving System

ADS EVO automates the driver in chassis dynamometer tests, which is one test method conducted by automotive and other manufacturers to evaluate fuel efficiency, exhaust gas components, and other engine characteristics by driving a prototype vehicle on chassis rolls in the laboratory. This product automates tests by grasping the unique characteristics of prototype vehicles and simulating the same type of driving as a human driver.
ADS EVO responds to measurement needs in self-driving, electric and other vehicles to realize carbon neutrality, which expands performance from its primary application in the evaluation and certification of exhaust emissions and fuel economy to a broad range of other tests. In addition, this system not only dramatically reduces the time required for installation compared to conventional products but also brings other usability and labor-saving benefits to technicians.

About IDEA

IDEA is one of the oldest and most prestigious awards in product design held by the Industrial Designers Society of America. This award not only highlights the innovativeness of designs but also judges each product based on a variety of other evaluation criteria.



ADS EVO Automatic Driving System