Conductivity Probe

Our Conductivity Sensor with ¾”NPT thread is a heavy-duty probe with Polypropylene body suitable for many industrial water application. Mounting thread allow for in-pipe (flow through) installations of conductivity sensor. These conductivity sensor offers excellent chemical and impact resistance.


  • Industrial waste water treatment plant
  • Drinking water treatment plant
  • Other process water application
  • Municipal waste water treatment plant
  • Surface water application
Body MaterialPolypropyleneDimension Drawing
MountingIn-Line (Flow-through)

Dimensions and Specifications above apply for

Temperature Range0-80 °C
Maximum operating pressure100 psi
Temperature ElementPt-100 Ohm RTD
Temperature CompensationAutomatic
Integral Sensor Cable Length6 meter
Mounting Thread on Sensor Body¾” NPT threads


Reference part

Conductivity online electrode - 6 meters cable
ELCOND-1Range: 0 – 20 mS
Cell constant k=1.0 cm-1 (medium range)
Built-in ATC RTD 100 Ohm
ELCOND-0.01Range: 0 – 200 µS
Cell constant k=0.01 cm-1 (very low range)
Built-in ATC RTD 100 Ohm
ELCOND-0.1Range: 0 – 2000 µS
Cell constant k=0.1 cm-1 (low range)
Built-in ATC RTD 100 Ohm
ELCOND-10Range: 0 – 200 mS
Cell constant k=10.0 cm-1 (high range)
Built-in ATC RTD 100 Ohm
ICONDInductive conductivity online probe
Range: 0 – 100 mS
3 meters cable
Built-in temperature compensation at 2.2%/°C

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