Mono & Multi-Channel Water Controller

The EL200 is a configurable water controller that can adapt to many different probes and configurations, mono or multi-channel, among pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, chlorine, turbidity, total suspended solid (TSS) and temperature.

A user-friendly interface can display all the values as well as graphs of the recorded measurements over the last 24 hours. A USB port allows to transfer the recorded measurement that may be imported to Excel for treatments or graphs. The USB port can also be used to save the configuration or to update the internal software. A web-based interface allows the control and the troubleshooting at distance with an internet browser on a computer, tablet or smart phone.

EL200 controller includes basically:

  • one pH/ORP input
  • two 4-20 mA inputs for analogic probes (dissolved oxygen, chlorine turbidity)
  • one RS485 port for up to 4 digit probes (dissolved oxygen, turbidity, pH, ORP)
  • two 4-20 mA outputs
  • four relays contacts for high/low alarms, multiplexing or probe default
  • one RS232 port for Modbus communication or web serve with an Ethernet or Wi-Fi interface
  • one RS485 port for Modbus communication

one or two modules can be added for conductivity probe, additional 4-20 mA inputs or additional 4-20 mA outputs.

EL200 Controller with probes

Designed for rugged environment with lightning protection

The EL200 controller is designed to be use outside if necessary thanks to an aluminum casted IP65 enclosure. Special protection against lightning are installed on each probe inputs as well as on the power input and communication ports. The touch screen is protected by an acid resistant protection film to assume a efficient long term protection.

Auto-cleaning probes

The EL200 delivers a free potential contact to drove solenoid value on compressed air to clean the probes equipped with air cleaning. The period and cleaning time are adjustable to adapt to different applications

User-friendly interface

The colour touch screen and intuitive interface available in 8 different languages (Chinese, English, French, Germen, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish) makes very easy to test or configure the analyser. A number of test functions allows to test and troubleshoot each element of the controller to setup quickly a maintenance diagnostic. The complete configuration can be saved on a USB key and reload if necessary.


Robust industrial probes

All the probes are specially designed for harsh environments with high level of suspended solid.

ORP/pH probe

Dissolved oxygen probe

pH differential probe

Total suspended solid probe

Turbidity probe

Conductivity probe



Two 4-20 mA output are available on the main board, and two additional 4-20 mA modules can be plugged.

The RS232 port and the RS485 port support the MODBUS protocol to transmit each measuring channel value to a SCADA system. Additional parameters are available like status code, error code, calibration values. A web interface makes possible to drive remotely the analyser from any computer, tablet a smart phone with a web browser. For this, an external Wi-Fi or Ethernet module must be added to connect it to an existing network with an internet gateway. A USB port enable to download on any USB key the last 24 hours recorded measurements as well as a diagnostic file containing the configuration and useful information for remote troubleshooting. The recording measurements file can be imported to Excel for graphs or other treatments. The software of the controller can be upgraded by connection a USB key.

Mono & Multi-channel water controller, EL200 - Parameter specification

ParameterStandard Range
Other ranges on request
Typical Repeatability
pH0-14+/- 0.01 pH
ORP+/-2000 mV+/- 1 mV
Dissolved oxygen0-25 mg/l O2+/- 0.02 mg/l O2
Conductivity0-20 μS (K=0.01)
0-200 μS (K=0.1)
0-2000 μS (K=1)
0-20 mS (K=10)
+/- 0.01 μS
+/- 0.1 μS
+/- 1 μS
+/- 0.01 mS
Chlorine0-5 mg/l+/- 0.01 mg/l
TSS (Total Suspended Solid)0-1500 mg/l TSS
0-30000 mg/l TSS
+/- 1% of reading or +/- 2 mg/l TSS
+/- 1% of reading or +/- 2 mg/l TSS
Turbidity0-4 NTU
0-40 NTU
0-400 NTU
+/- 0.4 NTU
+/- 0.4 NTU
+/- 2 NTU
Temperature0-80°C+/- 0.1 °C


Mono & Multi-channel water controller, EL200 - General specification

2 X 4-20 mA input, 2-wire or 4-wire (15v DC galvanically isolated source, 50mA maxi)
Outputs2 x 4-20mA active output (load of 500 ohm maxi)
Relays4x electromechanical SPDT (form C) contact, 5 A Programmable individually for high or low alarm, probe default or stream multiplexing
Free sockets2x free sockets for additional modules among:
Conductivity module
4-20mA input module, 2-wire or 4-wire (15v DC source, 50 mA maxi)
4-20mA active output (load of 500 ohm maxi)
Measuring modeContinuous
Memory288 lines of measurements (up to 16 channels) with time
Power supply90 - 265 VAC 47/63 Hz or 24V DC 0.5 A maxi protection for peak current 8/20 µS up to 8 kA
Touch ScreenColour TFT LCD 480x272 pixels with LED backlight
CommunicationRS232,MODBUS or HTTP/Web interface(windows with IE9/10/11, Android with Opera, Apple i-phone with safari)
RS485 port for MODBUS communication
RS485 port for digital probes (DO,TSS,pH,ORP)
Optional Wi-Fi and Ethernet interfaces
CertificationsCE, EN 61010-1, EN 61326
EnclosureIP65, Aluminum with epoxy coating for wall mounting
Optional pipe mounting brackets
Dimensions140 x 140 x 91 mm
Weight2 kg approx.


Mono & Multi-channel water controller, EL200 - Accessories 

Input modules
Product code: IN4-20-500

4-20 mA input module
Isolated 4-20 mA input
Impedance: 100 Ohm

Output modules
Product code: OUT4-20-500

4-20 mA output module
Isolated 4-20 mA output
Active output, Max load 500 Ohm

Output modules
Product code: MRELAY500

Relay module
Contact rating: 2A/220V

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