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Fuel Flow Measurement

The FQ-2100DP Fuel Consumption Measurement System allows measuring fuel mass and volumetric flow rate continuously over the whole measurement range from 0.2…220 l/h (optional 0.5…300 l/h) with high accuracy.

The FQ-2100DP can be applied to any engine, powertrain and vehicle test stand used for R&D, quality management, and production; and is an important tool for the development of internal combustion engines. The availability of standard as well as highly dynamic interfaces ensures easy integration into test automation systems. All components included in the system are manufactured to proven industrial quality standards and are available from multiple sources.



Segment: Automotive
Division: Mechatronics
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Europe GmbH
  • High measurement accuracy over the whole measurement range
  • For all established liquid fuels including Ethanol up to 100%
  • Optional fast data exchange with 100 Hz ( EtherCat, CanOpen)
  • Easy integration via standard interfaces
  • Easy, engine-specific adjustment of parameters like fuel pressure, temperatures, and circulation rates for a wide range of applications
  • Automated fuel change and venting routines
  • Continuous evaluation of statistical characteristic values
  • User friendly touch panel


Fuel Conditioning

Integrated pumps and temperature control system ensure an accurate temperature level for measuring and for the engine fuel circuit. Installed control modules enable the operator to adjust fuel pressures and circulation rates in correlation with given, engine-specific parameters. An optional heating module makes fuel outlet temperatures up to 60 °C possible. An optional vacuum controller adjusts outlet pressures down to -0,5bar relative. For pressures above 1 bar relative, an optional fuel inlet regulator adjusts the customer’s fuel supply pressure to the required FQ-2100DP system pressure.

A control unit with an operator touch panel directly integrated into the system ensures handling of the FQ-2100DP. This unit gives a quick and easy system overview and reports the current measurement data and parameter settings. A remote control option via various standard interfaces makes integration into test automation systems possible.


Measuring range0.2...220 l/h (300 l/h)
0.15...165 kg/h (225 kg/h)
Temperature control range***
with optional heating module
+15*...+40 ºC**
max. 60 °C
Temperature Measurement uncertainty0.5 ºC
Temperature Control stability (steady state conditions)0.05 °C
Pressure control range fuel outlet
with option vacuum controller
-0.3...9 bar -0.5...9 bar
Fuel return pressure-0.5...2 bar relative****
Fuel circulation rate adjustable60 ... 360 l/h
(optional up to 940 l/h)
Fuel Supply pressure
with option inlet pressure Regulator
0.5... 1 bar
max. 5 bar
Fuel supply temperature15...30 °C
Fuel supply feedmax. 350 l/h
Cooling water supply pressure0.2...4 bar
Cooling water supply/ return temperature6...15 °C / 12…21 °C
Cooling water supply feedca. 800 l/h
Electrical supply voltage230 V
Electrical supply frequency50/60 Hz
Electrical supply current (without heating)4 A
Overall dimensions W x H x D1150 x 1320 x 360 mm
Weightca. 200 kg
Ambient temperature+5...+40 °C
Type of protection (electr. Part)IP 44
ColorRAL 7035

* Depending on cooling water

** Depending on heat returned by engine

*** Max. heat transfer from engine: 2kW

**** Typical -0.1...1.5 bar: the return pressure is depending on the additional pressure loss in the return pipe caused by the circulation volume and the Diameter of the pipe. There is the possibility of gas Evolution in the fuel if the return pressure is to low adjusted.

Measuring fuel consumption of combustion engines on a chassis, engine and powertrain test stands
Measuring fuel consumption of combustion engines on a chassis, engine and powertrain test stands
Altitude Simulation on the chassis dynamometer
Altitude Simulation on the chassis dynamometer
Development of combustion engines on engine test stands
Development of combustion engines on engine test stands

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