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WT Dyno - Eddy Current Dynamometers

Eddy Current Dynamometers

Our WT series eddy current dynamometers are mainly used in the development and testing of all types of prime mover, as well as various engine assemblies. Due to their robust design, which incorporates improved control characteristics, they can be used both as steady state and as transient test stands.

Their high speeds for automobile engine testing and their optimised cooling chamber, are convincing arguments that speak for themselves. All WT type dynamometers are suitable for operation in both directions of rotation.


Segment: Automotive
Division: Mechatronics
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Europe GmbH

Multi-Purpose and Flexible in Design

Standard WT series dynamometers are designed as cradle mounted systems with the HORIBA flexure strips. For special applications, the cradle mounted housing can also be supplied with trunnion bearings. With a second flange, loads can be coupled on both sides. With the starter system available as an accessory, the engine does not need a starter of its own. The LEW 2002 is available as the power supply unit.

The WT Series Eddy current dynamometers are especially suited for

  • Development and testing of all kinds of power engines
  • Quality control, running-in and endurance testing of combustion engines
  • Components tests such as valve actuation, injection systems and ignition systems
  • Fuel and lubricating oil tests with engines



  • High speeds for testing of passenger cars engines
  • High torques at very low speeds for commercial vehicle engines
  • Large attachable masses allowing the use of several connecting shafts
  • Suitable for two rotating directions
  • High measuring accuracy due to contact-free speed measurement via a pulse generator as well as torque measurement via a load cell
  • Robust design, which integrates the load cell inside the frame
  • Long life time circle resulting from new mechanical design of cooling chambers and water pipes
  • Easy maintenance due to optimised mechanical design
  • Cooling chambers and coil can be changed without dismantling the bearings
  • Self-monitoring (cooling water)



Torque/Speed Measuring Systems

Speed Measurement Errorrpm

±1, not smaller than 0.025% of FSD

Torque Measuring Error%Accuracy class 0.2% of FSD
hysteresis error <0.2%, linearity <0.2%
temperature drift <0.2% per 10K change of ambient temp.
Speed Control Error*rpm±3
Torque control Error*%±0.6% of FSD

*Related to the hydraulic dyno, power control unit and HORIBA test stand controller

  • Colour - Light Grey (RAL 7035)
  • Transport and Storage Temperature - -50°C to +85°C
  • Working Temperature - 0°C to 60°C without coolant additives
  • Maximum, energizing current - 10A


Power [kW]190300470
Rated Torque [Nm]60012003000
Maximum Speed [rpm]1000075004000
Moment of Inertia [kgm2]0.170.491.96
Weight [kg]3506701350
Development of combustion engines on engine test stands
Development of combustion engines on engine test stands

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