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Brake Test Systems

Customer perception of vehicle quality is closely related to the NVH behaviour of the vehicle. With the HORIBA ATS Brake testing system, NVH relevant design features are analyzed and various metrics stored in the database of the automation system. For friction borne vehicle NVH problems coming from the brake and its components the GIANT 8000 Series is the ideal tool to resolve it. The GIANT 8000 Series is superior NVH test system providing you with the best testing conditions for all types of vehicles. Test brake fixtures could be tested with a complete wheel suspension system. In a semi acoustic chamber NVH tests could be realized and drum brakes and disc brakes including the vehicle axle could be tested.  





Segment: Automotive
Division: Mechatronics
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Europe GmbH

Standard Features

  • Machine frame resting on special vibration insulators. No seismic concrete block required.
  • DC motor/generator to accelerate the flywheels and to load the test brake with drag torque.
  • AC/DC power converter, to feed the DC-motor and power the electrical inertia simulation.


  • Safe operation, using protection housing
  • Test brake fixture with complete wheel suspension
  • Semi-acoustic chamber, for noise investigations
  • Compact design
  • Modular design, prepared to add in various options
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • High level of simulation quality
  • High level of measurement accuracy
  • Standardized components
  • Windows-compatible user interface
  • Use of standardized evaluation software (MSExcelTM, NI DiademTM)



  • Testing the NVH (Noise/Vibration/Harshness) of complete brake systems for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles
  • Testing of drum brakes and disc brakes including the vehicle axle
  • Definition of the coefficient of friction [µ= Fkt., p H, Temp.]
  • Testing of brake noise (Noise/Vibration/Harshness)
  • Examination of creep and groan in vehicles with automatic transmission
  • Testing of damping measures (noise shims or coating of the friction linings)


Application Matrix

TypeSuitable to Vehicle Type and Nominal SizeApplication RangeTest Sample Type and AdaptationOptimised for Customers

GIANT 8000


GIANT 8200 GIANT 8400 GIANT 8600

GIANT 8800

Motorcycle up to cars and vans


Cars up to vans


Cars, vans up to LD trucks



Brake noise, vibration, harshness judder, creep and groan



Complete drum brakes, disc-brakes, knuckle-fixtures, Mac-Pherson corner, complete axles



Brake shim manufactures, brake system manufacturers, vehicle 


 Technical Data

TypeElectrical Inertia Simulation
Mechanical Inertia Range
Dyno Speed
Stop Torque

Drag  Torque

GIANT 820010-15020-1100-240040001400
GIANT 840010-20020-1400-240040001800
GIANT 860010-24020-1600-280050002200
GIANT 880020-40040-3200-200075002600


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