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Heavy Duty Chassis Dyno

Dynamometer for Emissions, Performance, Climatic and NVH Tests

HORIBA has a long tradition in planning and producing Heavy-Duty Chassis Dynamometers. We cover all important application areas like emissions, performance, climatic and NVH. The systems have standard interfaces to the HORIBA emission systems and so form part of the total emissions solution from HORIBA.

Our automation systems in combination with the long lasting and low maintenance dynamometers are able to check trucks and buses on all important US Heavy-Duty Vehicle Test Cycles.

Segment: Automotive
Division: Mechatronics
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Europe GmbH

Chassis Dynamometer EMDY 72 includes mechanical, electrical and control equipment to provide road-equivalent loading for trucks and other vehicles such as single-axle transit buses, dual live-axle Class 7 and 8 type and highway trucks. This system, along with emissions test equipment, are the primary elements in the analysis of exhaust from heavy-duty vehicles operating on diesel fuel, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas (propane), methanol, ethanol, gasoline and blends of fuels. Of course it allows testing of the entire vehicle or multiple vehicle components under consistent and defined test conditions. By that, you gain a reduction of road testing risks and costs.


  • Heavy-duty diesel transient exhaust emission testing
  • Medium duty diesel transient exhaust emission testing
  • For vehicles with Single or Tandem Live Axles
  • ARB 2007 Diesel Engine Standards
  • Fleet Exhaust Emissions Management


  • Allows consistent and defined test conditions
  • Advanced drive technology to minimize facility electrical impact
  • Full tractive effort available through integrated loading device
  • Accommodates Tandem Live Axles with automated lift system
  • Augmented electronic braking to ensure drive cycle adherence
  • Expandable LAN network for in-vehicle data sampling
  • Regenerative drive to recover generated power
  • Integrated control platform for minimal operator interfaces to emissions and dyno
  • Software to track fleet performance

Covering the whole range:

  • Emissions, Performance, Climatic, NVH
  • Sizes: 72" ; 75"; 120";
  • Modules: 2WD; 4WD; AWD; 8X8 & Special
  • Turn Key Systems ( Heavy Duty )

Heavy Duty Emission Dyno Advantages:

  • Extensive Experience in Heavy Duty applications
  • Standard Interface to Emission Systems
  • Precise Controls of Dynamometer System
  • Long Lasting, Low Maintenance Dynamometers
  • Multiple Use of Dynamometer
  • Modular Systems Available

US Heavy Duty Vehicle Test Cycles

  • Urban Dynamometer Driving Schedule (UDDS)
    • EPA transient chassis dynamometer test cycle for heavy-duty vehicles.
  • Central Business District (CBD)
    • Transient chassis dynamometer test cycle for heavy-duty vehicles.
  • Business Arterial Commuter (BAC)
    • A composite heavy-duty vehicles fuel economy cycle, also known as the Transit Coach Operating Duty Cycle.
  • City Suburban Cycle & Route (CSC)
    • Chassis dynamometer test cycle for heavy-duty vehicles.
  • New York Composite
    • Transient chassis dynamometer test cycle for heavy-duty vehicles.
  • New York Bus (NYBus)
    • Transient chassis dynamometer test cycle for urban transit buses.
  • Manhattan Bus Cycle
    • Transient chassis dynamometer test cycle for urban transit buses.
  • Orange County Bus Cycle
    • Chassis dynamometer test cycle for transit buses developed by the West Virginia University.
  • WVU 5-Peak
    • 5-speed chassis dynamometer test cycle for heavy-duty trucks developed by the West Virginia University.

Key Features of HD-Dyno

  • Available Roll HD-Modules ( 41",48", 72"; 75"; 120")
  • One Motor Base Module
  • Scalable Absorber Dyno. >> Up to 260,000 N
  • Modular Floor structure
  • Multiple use (Emissions, Performance, Climatic)
  • Covers Class 6/7/8 Trucks and Off-Road Vehicle
  • Standard Roll surface of 0.8 m.
  • Easier Installation of HD Dynamometer
  • Deadweight Calibration ( Certification purpose ) or comfortable , one-man, proving ring calibration (Verification purpose).
  • Optimum tire patch for Emission Testing
  • Standard Roll width and spacing accommodates 90% of Dual-Axle and Twin-Tires Vehicles
  • Remote Control setup system
    • Optional available Pull Down Device up to 25 t, for variable simulation of trailer loading
    • Optional available Fast Data Acquisition System (1 kHz / Channel)
    • Optional available Heavy Duty Autopilot ( accommodates manual and automatic shifting )
    • Optional available Drivers-Aid Tablet System

Technical Information:

  • Accommodate Dual Axle Specimen on same unit.
  • Emission and Performance in one unit
  • Fulfill HD Chassis Emission laws
  • Pull Down Forces of 25,000 t
  • Dead-weight or Proving Ring Calibration

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