Field-installation type color meter

Applicable for use in monitoring the color of filtered water in distribution reservoirs and similar applications.

An ideal color meter for measuring filtered water in distribution reservoirs and similar applications. Turbidity can also be measured simultaneously. Boasting comprehensive specifications and stable measurements, taking troublesome plumbing and maintenance during installation into account.

Division: Process Water
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Advanced Techno Co., Ltd.

Simultaneous measurement of color and turbidity.

Both color and turbidity can be measured simultaneously.  Chromaticity compensated for the effect of turbidity can be obtained.

Wide measurement range

Measurement range: Color 0 to 100 units, Turbidity 0 to 50 units,
Minimum resolution: 0.01 units.

Wiper cleaning

No cumbersome piping is required to operate the washer.

Stable measurement

The pressurized cell structure is less susceptible to air bubbles, the hermetically sealed sensor is not susceptible to condensation, and a long-life ultraviolet/visible two-color (blue and red) LED light source is in use.

Designed for ease of maintenance

Featuring a front-accessible cell structure * for ease of maintenance.
*Patent No. 5859414

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