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Today’s environment confronts lab managers in new, challenging ways. The current regulations demand increasingly complex test procedures that require more time and resources to execute, which counteracts the  goals to improve productivity and reduce costs.

Therefore, lab managers need to maximize the test cell availability by continual awareness of the current situation in their facility. They must ensure the equipment is fully functional, meets all mandatory quality standards and regulations, and is up to date with all service and maintenance requirements.

Insight is the facility and asset management software that helps lab managers optimize the output of their test cells. The system brings attention to any irregularities, allowing for the necessary intervention to ensure all devices function as intended and according to the required legislative standards. With Insight, lab managers can be confident that the test results will be valid and thus deem a rerun of the test unnecessary.

Insight can connect devices and systems from HORIBA Automotive and other suppliers such as

  • Measurement Devices
  • Control & Conditioning Devices
  • Test Automation Systems
  • Facility Systems
Segment: Automotive
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA, Ltd.


  • Insight reduces financial losses due to wasted test time and resources. The system ensures that the utilized equipment complies with the required standards and indicates any foreseeable complications.
  • Insight minimizes the possibility of equipment breakdown by tracking run-time limits and service intervals.
  • Continuously collected data serves as the foundation for insightful information that lab managers can utilize to make critical decisions concerning day-to-day operations, improvements, and investments.



  • Dashboards display vital information and indicate whether any device requires immediate attention.
  • Central storage of device data and reports provides easy and secure access for authorized users, which is extremely helpful with compiling audit reports or failure analysis.
  • Facilitates the requirement management for maintenance and legislative checks, which helps to reduce lapses in mandatory maintenance and calibrations.

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