Laser Rated Safety Goggles

Laser Rated Safety Goggles specifically for use with the HandScope LASER. Each goggle comes in a protective hard case.

Users of lasers from other manufacturers are recommended to visit that manufacturers website for the proper goggles required by that specific unit.

Segment: Scientific
Division: Forensics
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Scientific

Use & Benefits

While using a forensic light source, goggles serve two functions;

  • Improving the visibility of the evidence
  • Safety


The proper colored goggle will block the specific wavelength of light emitted by the forensic or alternate light source, allowing only the longer wavelength fluorescence to pass.  In this way your eyes can better or more easily see the weak fluorescence caused by the light source.

From a standpoint of safety, the goggles prevent eye damage or annoyance by blocking the very bright light emitted by the forensic or alternate light source.  The goggles not only block different colors they also block any UV light emitted, which is prone to damage the eye.

Always wear appropriate eye protection when using ANY Forensic or Alternate Light Source.


Specifically for use with the HandScope LASER


Available in the four major colors useful for detection of evidence while using a forensic or alternate light source.

  • Yellow
  • Orange


These goggles are recommended for use ONLY with the HandScope LASER

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