Phosphoric Acid Monitor

A phosphoric acid concentration monitor used in the etching process. (purified phosphoric acid solution)

Employing a glass carbon sensor to minimize polarization effects at high concentrations, enabling concentration measurements in the range of 80–90 wt% for phosphoric acid alone.

CONDChemical Concentration

DC24VTransmission OutputContact OutputRS-485Single Component

Segment: Semiconductor
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Advanced Techno Co., Ltd.

Sensor with excellent chemical resistance

Makes use of a chemical resistant glass carbon sensor.

High precision

Capable of accurately measuring high-concentration phosphoric acid (80–90wt% within a temperature range of 20–100°C).

Concentration conversion function

Concentration conversion is possible by inputting the relationship between chemical concentration and conductivity along with temperature characteristics.  It is particularly suitable for the dilution management of low-concentration chemicals.

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