On-line TOC Analyzer

  • Highest analytical precision with short measuring time
  • Catalyst-free high-temperature process at 1200°C with "Fast Change Technology
  • Most modern hardware components and
  • industry 4.0 features
  • Minimal material requirements and support costs
  • Highest processing quality
  • "Made in Germany"
  • Global service and support
  • Convincing cost of ownership


Manufacturing Company : HORIBA TOCADERO


Division: Water Pollution
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Tocadero GmbH

The TOCADERO T1 analyzer takes the evolution ofmodern online water analytics to the next level. TheT1 analyzer platform combines sophisticated wateranalytics, stringent requirements in terms ofaccuracy and reliability, and the latest sustainableand future-proof hardware and software solutions.Based on the unique platform architecture of theTOCADERO T1 , the range of available analyticalparameters is being continuously expanded.

TOC & TNb Analysis

The sum parameters TOC and TNb are some of themost important parametersinwater andwastewater analysis. While the TOC (total organiccarbon) provides information about the organicsubstance pollution in water, the TNb (total nitrogenbound) reflects the nitrogen pollution. The TOC isdetermined in accordance with DIN EN 1 484 andthe TNb in accordance with DIN EN 1 2260. Thethermal oxidation at 1 ,200°Cis particularlybeneficial for determining both sum parameters.

•Detection of all organic compounds

•Quick and reliable detection of CO2using NDIR technology

•No catalyst

•Low use of chemicals

Next generation water analytics IIoT/Industry4.0

Conventional systems used for water analysis areusually inefficient, not very intuitive and require a lotof maintenance. The comprehensive expertise at HORIBA TOCADERO andintensiveproductdevelopment carried out with our industry partnersmeans that the new TOCADERO T1 analyzerplatform is already meeting the requirements of thefuture.


Measurement ranges–1 0 ppm, 0–1 00 ppm,0–1 .000 ppm, 0–1 0.000 ppm(optional: 0–1 00.000 ppm)
Limit of detection0,1 ppm
Cycle time TOC(NPOC) < 3 min.
Cycle time TC/TOC 1 min.
Repeatability± 2 % end-of-range
TDSup to 200 g/l (20% NaCl)
Particles< 2.000 microns(optional: homogenizer andsample preparation)




Weight< 55 kg
Dimensions800 H × 600 W × 320 D mm
PowerAC1 1 0 – 230 V ±1 0 V50/60 Hz Approx. 600 VA
Carrier gasCO2free instrument air



Indoors2 – 45 °C
Relative humidity< 85 % (no condensation)
HousingIP 54, IP 65(optional: NEMA4X)
Ex p-EnclosureZone1 / 2, T3 and T4, ATEX& IECEx (available from 2021 )



Display7“ Touch Panel
Supported protocolsOPC UA, Ethernet, Profinet,Modbus
CommunicationBluetooth, WLAN, GSM, 5G
Relays4 programmable - NAMURstandard
LanguagesGerman, English, Japanese,Chinese, Korean

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