Quantitative analysis of carbon contained in bone substitute material

Can we accurately and quickly measure the amount of carbon contained in the material?

Customer needs

Various substitutes for bone materials have been researched and developed in orthopedic, clinic and surgical use today. In recent years, research has been actively conducted on bone prosthetic materials having a composition similar to living bone, and the need for a method of measuring carbon content in the materials is increasing.

Solved by EMIA series!

We are able to measure a wide range according to the sample, with accurate data and good reproducibility.

Photo of sample

Analysis of carbon contained in bone substitute material

Sample weight [g]

Carbon [mass%]









Customer feedback

Even if the sample is small, the quantitative accuracy is high, and it is possible to execute a method for analysis with good reproducibility. Anyone can easily quantitatively analyze carbon regardless of analysis skills, and customers are very pleased with our product.

Carbon/Sulfur Combustion Analyzer: EMIA Series


  • Accurate analysis with easy operations.
  • World’s fastest cycle time (70 seconds) for much more efficient analysis.
  • Improved cleaning performance for significantly greater stability and reproducibility.
  • Optional auto sampler unit can be used.

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  • Dental materials company
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