Correlate Multiple Modalities with Ease

graphYX™ is a software app which enhances display (colors, contrast, brightness…) and superimposes the position of the several layers composing your image into a traceable workflow. It also includes sharing tools to streamline collaborative work and publishing functionalities to save your time generating papers and reports.
Combine graphYX™ with nanoGPS navYX™ to quickly relocate your sample's points of interest, overlap map data and obtain the ultimate tool for correlated microscopy.


Segment: Scientific
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA France SAS

Powered by the renowned Digital Surf Mountains software, graphYX™ has been fine-tuned to facilitate every single step of your image processing routine.

User benefits of graphYX™ include:
  • Image process & enhancement
  • Speed up your work with analysis templates
  • Colocalization of images and spectral maps coming from
    • A single instrument (MVA, evolution of a product in time, kinetics…)
    • Or multiple instruments (SEM, AFM, Raman, µFTIR, EDS, SEM-CL…)
  • Process, enhancement & composition of spectral maps
  • Combine data sets into analysis reports
  • Manage and keep track of your work with the analysis workflow tool
  • Step-by-step overview
  • Full traceability of data processing
  • Update any step, any time

graphYX™ application is included into the Correlative microscopy package.
graphYX™ app is available in the LabStore of LabSpec 6 Spectroscopy Software Suite and requires a license to be activated.

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