Co-localized microscopy techniques for pyrite mineral spatial characterization

Co-localized microscopy techniques for pyrite mineral spatial characterization

In this study we have chosen to investigate pyrite and its surrounding minerals in order to identify the different mineral phases as well as the chemical variations from micro- to nano-scale. Using the different microscopes instruments and being co-localized allows a comprehensive characterization of the sample and a precise superimposition of all the images.

Comprehensive characterization of the spatial distribution of the mineral phases and inclusions composition of geology samples, commonly requires the use of multiple microscope techniques. However, multi-technique studies generally lead the user to physically move the sample among different instruments and frequently relocalize a specific area previously analyzed. The identification at a precise localization on such sample remains essential for a complete interpretation of the sample. NanoGPS Suite™ by HORIBA Scientific, based on machine-pattern reading, permits the user precisely relocalize the specific areas in the sample through a wide variety of optical and electron microscope instruments, rapidly and easily.

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