LabRAM Soleil Raman Microscope presentation

LabRAM Soleil™ Raman Microscope

The result of 50 years of innovation by leading instrument manufacturer HORIBA Scientific, the LabRAM Soleil multimodal microscope has been designed with application experts to supercharge your analysis and set the new standard for Raman imaging and spectroscopy. It features advanced automation allowing a true self-operation. Ultrafast imaging, up to 100 times faster than a conventional Raman spectrometer, is performed thanks to the innovative SmartSampling™ technology. The patented QScan™ feature offers lightsheet confocal imaging. As shown in our brochure, it presents a robust design and is driven by an intuitive software. Therefore, this Raman microscope is your companion of choice to get your results fast and give you access to new domains of application.


Getting There Faster!

Your ideal lab companion


Focus on your job, it takes care of the rest

Use LabRAM Soleil’s advanced automation features every step of the way to save time and focus on your other tasks. This system is twice as automated as the previous generation, speeding up your workflow like never before.

Ultrafast imaging

Quick and illuminating results

Unrivaled multimodal imaging performance gives you the ability to observe samples in different modes for all kinds of applications, thanks to the innovative design of the optical compartment, its optimized broadband dielectric mirrors and a high throughput spectrometer.

SmartSampling™ *
To map up to 100 times faster

QScan™ *
Lightsheet confocal imaging

* Depending on configuration

Intuitive software to simplify workflows

A wealth of apps in LabStore

With LabRAM Soleil™ and its built in LabSpec software, acquisition and analysis of your measurements is a whole lot faster. The intuitive interface lets you harness the full power of the system, and you can configure the software to suit your specific needs.

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