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DT Dynos - Hydraulic Dynamometers

Hydraulic Dynamometers

DT type Hydraulic dynamometers are available with a large variety of power ranges. The standard range extends from 700 kW up to 4,500 kW. The type designation consists of a DT followed by the maximum power in kW. Thus, DT700 represents a dynamometer with a maximal power of 700 kW.

Due to their robust construction, compact assembly and the use of high quality materials, these dynamometers deliver their high running performance at extremely low maintenance costs.



Segment: Automotive Test Systems
Division: Mechatronics
Base product
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Europe GmbH

One or Two directions of rotation

Usually, the dynamometers are designed for one direction of rotation. In this direction, they are adjusted for an optimal torque at different speeds. However, we are also able to supply dynamometers for two directions of rotation. The maximum torque of these is slightly lower than that of the dynamometers with one direction of rotation. In the type designation, the number of directions of rotation is represented by the figure behind the size of the dynamometer. That means that DT700-1 is a dynamometer for one direction of rotation.


The hydraulic dynamometers are available in different sizes and constructions so that a great variety of combustion engines can be tested, e.g.:

  • Combustion engines for passenger cars and commercial vehicles
  • Aircraft engines and turbines
  • Large engines for trains



  • Robust and long-lasting, even in heavy duty use
  • Excellent price/performance ratio (Euro/kW) as compared with eddy current dynamometers and AC machines
  • High quality materials
  • Simple maintenance due to patented flexure supports
  • Exceptional control characteristics (torque response times typical 1 sec) when used with HORIBA control unit and power unit




Torque/Speed Measuring Systems

Speed Measurement Error:rpm

±1, not smaller than 0.025% of FSD

Torque Measuring Error:%Accuracy class 0.2% of FSD
hysteresis error <0.2%, linearity <0.2%
temperature drift <0.2% per 10K change of ambient temp.
Speed Control Error*:rpm±10
Torque control Error*:%±1% of FSD

*Related to the hydraulic dyno, power control unit and HORIBA test stand controller

  • Colour - Light Grey (RAL 7035)
  • Transport and Storage Temperature - -50°C to +85°C
  • Working Temperature - 0°C to 60°C without coolant additives

Dynamometers with one rotor and one direction of rotation

 Power [kW]Max Speed [rpm]Rated Torque [Nm]Rotor Inertia [kgm2]Weight [kg]







Dynamometers with one rotor and two directions of rotation

 Power [kW]Max Speed [rpm]Rated Torque [Nm]Rotor Inertia [kgm2]Weight [kg]


Development of combustion engines on engine test stands
Development of combustion engines on engine test stands


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