Microsemi CRP*

World exclusive concept: Simultaneous blood analysis + CRP measurement, along with data management

Product Description

  • Highly compact and lightweight
  • Micro-sampling on whole blood: CBC: 10μL / CBC+CRP: 18μL
  • Precise cellular identification through electronic impedance variation method
  • Haemoglobin measurement with photometry
  • CRP measurement with immunoturbidimetry technology


  • Ready and easy to use CRP reagent
  • No need to take the CRP reagent out after use
  • Integrated thermal printer (full data printout, including PLT, RBC and WBC curves)
  • User-friendly interface (colour touch screen, virtual keyboard)
  • Data transfer with flash card (archiving to PC, upload of QC target values)


* This product is not in any affiliated with MICROSEMI Corporation.

Segment: Medical
Division: Hematology
Base product
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Ltd.

CBC+CRP results in 4 minutes (15 tests / hour)
CBC results in 1 minute (55 tests / hour)
19 parameters
Open Tube


Weight42 lbs / 19 kg
Power supply100 V to 240 V - 50 Hz to 60 Hz

16.9 in x 10.3 in x 17.7 in / 430 mm x 262 mm x 450 mm

PrinterBuilt-in thermal printer
ThroughoutCBC + CRP: 15 tests/hour
CBC: 55 tests/hour
Data management

Complete QC menu, logs (reagents, calibration, maintenance, errors, blank cycle), easy operation
Transmission of patient & QC results to LAN (local area network)
Mono-directional connection.

Memory200 patients results with histograms
ScreenLCD colour touch screen



60 samples/hour - Open tube
Parameters (19)CBC, WBC, RBC, RDW, HGB, MPV, HCT, MCV, PLT, MCH, MCHC, LYM# & LYM%, MON# & MON%, GRA# & GRA%, PDW*, PCT*
GraphicsPLT, RBC, WBC curves

Blood Volume

CBC + 3DIFF mode: 10 µL

CBC + 3DIFF + CRP mode: 18 µL

Stability48 hours post-draw stability
Operating sample mode

Open tube

IdentificationAlphanumeric, Barcode reader (optional)

 * RUO parameters (Research Use Only)



ParametersPrecision (cv %)Linearity
WBC< 2.5 (at 7.5 x 10³/µL)0-80 x 10³/µL
RBC< 1.5 (at 4.5 x 106/µL)0-7.5 x 106/µL
HGB< 1.5 (at 13.5 g/dL)0-23 x g/dl
HCT< 2.0 (at 35.%)0-65%
PLT< 5.0 (at 250 x 10³/µL)0-999 x 10³/µL
CRP< 10.0 (at 10.0 mg/L)0-200 mg/L (whole blood)
CRP< 4.0 (at 50.0 mg/L)0-150 mg/L (serum, plasma)
CRP< 8.0 (at 120.0 mg/L) 


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