Coming on January 1st, 2016: HORIBA's PX-375

|   Press Release

Continuous particulate monitoring, also including ”HEAVY METALS” analysis in PM2.5. Combined beta-ray attenuation and X-ray fluorescence.

Particular matter can be measured in mass, concentration and elemental composition by a single instrument, online and continuously. Therefore two different technologies are combined and compactly designed in one 19 inch case. Remote data monitoring and operation can be done by network connection. The measurement and determination of particulate matter suits for various applications: ambient air, stack gas, industrial gas and more.

Key features

  • Continuous analysis of PM2.5, PM10 or TSP, mass and elemental concentration.
  • Extremely compact design, 19 inch size suitable for scientific laboratories, fixed and mobile air quality monitoring stations (AQMS).
  • Ideal for multiple applications: indoor air, ambient air, stack gas, industrial gas, pollution source appointment and more.
  • Reduced operating cost.
  • Adoption of world proven technologies: X-ray fluorescence & Beta-ray attenuation.
  • Compatible with calibration curves of existing scientific instruments (ICP-MS etc.) for PX-375 calibration.
  • 2 layer non-woven PTFE fabric filter (for detailed information observe datasheet).
  • High resolution at low concentration levels.