Launch of “Our Future” (Vision, Mission, Values) Dedicated Website

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Launch of HORIBA Group The “Our Future” (Vision, Mission, Values) dedicated website presents the HORIBA Group vision for the world and the kind of social contributions that we hope to make. “Our Future” takes advantage of illustrations and videos to share our goals in an easily accessible format.


“Our Future” Dedicated Website : What is the power of Joy and Fun? 

■ Background
HORIBA celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2023. Looking ahead 30 years into our future toward celebrating our 100th anniversary, we have engaged in numerous discussions about our vision for the world, the spirits and values we consider important when working as HORIBARIANs*1, and how the HORIBA Group can contribute towards a healthier, sustainable, and better future. These deliberations led to the launch of the HORIBA Group “Our Future” (Vision, Mission, Values) website.

The HORIBA Motto: Joy and Fun is our unique corporate philosophy, which acts as the foundation for the HORIBA Group as a Group-wide corporate motto.
The “Our Future” dedicated website uses an easily accessible format of illustrations and videos to not only carefully explain and tie the future that we want to realize to the HORIBA Motto: Joy and Fun, but also to cover the HORIBA solutions that contribute to this future from various perspectives.

  Our founder, Masao Horiba, started the HORIBA Group as the HORIBA RADIO LABORATORY in Kyoto, Japan in 1945. Since our founding, our approach emphasizing HONMAMON*2 technology and solutions has both built trust and empathy as well as grown HORIBA into a global enterprise that brings together diverse people from different countries and regions around the world. With a history going back more than 70 years, the technology advanced by HORIBA has supported the research and development that continues to pioneer every field throughout the world today while contributing to better lifestyles for people and society at large.
In the times to come, we will create a new future by always taking on the challenge of providing many more solutions even beyond the analysis and measurement sectors. We hope everyone will expect great things from HORIBA as we continue to persevere in this pursuit.

*1. HORIBARIANs are all those who work at HORIBA. They take ownership and challenge themselves, all while enjoying the task at hand.
*2. HONMAMON describes the people, their actions and endeavors, and everything that is born as a result of the continuous pursuit for something better.