Automotive Engineering Exposition 2024

- | Yokohama, JAPAN
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Gathering the collective wisdom of the automotive industry for carbon neutrality and the recycling-oriented society of the future


Beginning: 05/22/24

End: 05/24/24

Location: Yokohama, JAPAN

Toward the realization of carbon neutrality, the automotive industry is proceeding with a wide variety of developments in multiple pathways; including electric components, such as batteries and fuel cells, energy management and heat management for electric vehicles, and support for hydrogen and carbon-neutral fuels.

At the HORIBA booth (184), we will be introducing solutions that support the development of carbon-neutral vehicle development in all aspects; from measurement equipment to equipment operation, engineering and testing services.


For more information on the 2024 JSAE Annual Congress Event during the Exposition click here.


HORIBA's Solutions


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HORIBA's initiatives

At HORIBA we are introducing products that contribute to sustainability and implementing environmentally friendly management and exhibition initiatives. 

We respect the positions of all stakeholders and promote CSR activities to contribute to building a sustainable society and a prosperous future by providing excellent products and services.

To this end, we will develop an effective internal system, comply with laws, articles of incorporation, and other social norms, and ensure thorough corporate ethics.

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HORIBA at JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition