Sampling System

The sampling unit is responsible for suction air from ambient and to distribute this air without any changing to the gas-monitors. The HORIBA sampling unit is designed according ÖNORM-M5852 Type A. So an air flow monitor will give alarm information when the flow is to low.


Division: Ambient
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA (Austria) GmbH
  • Sample gas guided in inert material (borsilikat glass)
  • Tube-in-tube system protects the inner glass tube and reduces risk of condensation due to isolation effect
  • Contact for flow alarm
  • Very low power consumption and low noise emission of radial fan



Air Quality Monitoring
Air Quality Monitoring
During the period of rapid economic growth, Japan was burdened with various types of pollution such as water contamination and air pollution. The first step to regain the glow of the sky and the purity of water was analysis. HORIBA's measuring instruments play an active part in various fields to determine, for example, whether established regulations are complied with or whether the air and water are purified properly. The beautiful environment is the world's asset. Going forward, HORIBA will continue contributing to preserving the global environment through measurement.

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