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KiloArc. Broadband Arc Lamp Light Source.

Broadband Arc Lamp Light Source

The KiloArc™ is a complete, integrated light source that includes power supply, starter, high efficiency collection optics and lamp housing in one compact package. The KiloArc illumination system is perfect for applications such as

  • Solar and photovoltaics
  • UV curing
  • Semiconductor testing
  • Photovoltaic testing
  • Solar exposure testing of color
  • Phototoxicity research
  • Material degradation research
  • Atmospheric photochemical pollution research
Segment: Scientific
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Scientific

Key Benefits of the KiloArc™ Arc Lamp Illuminator:

  • Delivers over 100 watts of optical power to an 8 mm spot.
  • Compact Integrated design includes everything, housing, power supply, igniter.
  • No tools required to change lamps.
  • Delivers the brilliance of 1,000 suns.
  • Ozone free operation, venting is not a necessity, but an option.
  • Economical, the most watts for your dollar.


Find out why the unique design of a KiloArc makes it the most powerful illuminator! 




210–240 V AC 50/60 Hz


45 KV starting pulse

Power rating

800–1200 watts (adjustable)—recommended 800–1000 watts

Lamp module type

1000 watt Xenon, 1000 watt Mercury/Xenon (proprietary to HORIBA)

Lamp life

Typically 1,500 hrs

Focusing optics

High efficiency f/4 ellipsoid reflector

Power precision

0.04% (0.4 watts)

Output volts compliance

17–23 VDC

Output current limit

70 A rms

Window diameter

127 mm (5.0 inches)

Central beam light height (without feet)

128 mm (5.0 inches)

Spot size

8 mm FWHM

Optical power

100 watts broadband

Optical stability


Optical noise (ripple)

From 0.15% to 0.2% RMS

Dimensions (LxWxH)

489 mm (19.3 inches) x 375 mm (14.8 inches) x 329 mm (12.9 inches)


31 kg (68 pounds)

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