PFS-ONE - Particulate Filter Management System
PFS-ONE - Emission Particles
PFS-ONE - Weighing of Emission Particles

Particulate Filter Management System

Several new legislative regulations as well as the demand for more flexibility and accuracy have led to the development of HORIBA’s Particulate Weighing Solution - PFS-ONE. The system comprises weighing processes and the entire filter handling complying with up-to-date regulations. PFS-ONE consists of a HORIBA application software running on a standard PC and completes the solution with a filter weighing robot and a clean work bench.

Segment: Automotive
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Europe GmbH
  • Process-orientated automated weighing solution
  • Process profiles adjustable to different applications and use cases
  • Documentation of filter lifecycle, progress, time control and limit violations
  • Upload of all data to external storage systems
  • Compliance with current legislations for the automotive and environmental industry


Key Benefits

  • Very high accuracy due to automatic weighing process of the robot
  • Compliance with current legislations ECE-R83, ECE-R49, EPA1065, CARB & WLTP
  • Time savings during test operations due to adjustable process profiles to different applications and use cases (Certification, COP, Environmental, ...)
  • Ready-to-print reports of weighing results and process data
  • Applicable as stand-alone installation or as integrated laboratory module
  • Upload of results to external storage systems in various file formats
  • Documentation of filter lifecycle, progress, time control and limit violations
  • The basic component PFS-ONE-control can be combined in different ways and also adapted in a running hardware environment for example with an existing balance or clean work bench


  • Manual or automated weighing
  • Stand-alone installation or fully integrated laboratory module
  • Easy integration into other devices
  • PFS-ONE is designed as a flexible solution which can be tailored to your needs



  • Compliant with current automotive and emission legislation
Particle Measurement in the Sub-23nm Range
Particle Measurement in the Sub-23nm Range
Concerns exist that advances in modern engine technology may contribute to large portions of solid particles at sizes smaller than 23nm. The EU Joint Research Center has confirmed this concern in several investigations.

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