Particle Disperser XD-100

Particle Disperser

Powder dispersion made easy!

  • Uniform particles dispersion in a simple and intuitive operation
  • A high degree of dispersion that is impossible manually
  • Ideal sample preparation for challenging particle analysis with micro Raman, micro XRF, SEM or other microscopic techniques


Segment: Scientific


Device configuration and operation


Well-separated particles dispersion makes it possible to conduct particle-by-particle measurement.
Examples: graphite, silica, alumina, toner, medical powder, etc.

Manual Dispersion (Optical Image)

Agglomeration and clustering can easily take place with conventional particle dispersion methods. For complex particle analysis techniques, these clusters which are detected as single, large particles can compromise the results of your analysis.

Dispersion with a Particle Disperser (Optical Image)

Particle disperser allows you to obtain a well separated and uniform powder dispersion. This ensures that the dispersed samples provide precise and dependable results when using particle analysis techniques.


Combining with other analytical techniques broadens the range of analysis

Marking specific particles is possible for complex analysis by micro Raman, SEM, and other microscopic techniques.

  • Automatically locate individual
  • Chemical ID of individual particles
  • Particle size distribution and particle shape analysis
  • Particle classification and sorting based on size, shape, and chemical information

X-ray Analytical Microscope

Raman Microscope 
LabRAM Soleil


Example of particle analysis using Raman spectroscopy

Particles Disperser in combination with particle analysis software such as Particle Finder makes easy the automatic analysis of complex mixtures.

Target sampleDry powder and granular material
Sample amountApprox. 0.02 g (differs depending on sample)
Dispersion methodIn-chamber spray method using differential pressure
DimensionsChamber :120 (W) × 120 (D) × 308 (H) mm
Control Box:210 (W) × 298 (D) × 308 (H) mm
[Large as option]
Chamber :210 (W) × 210 (D) × 308 (H) mm
Control Box :210 (W) × 298 (D) × 308 (H) mm
Chamber materialAcrylic(PMMA)
Mass13 kg [Large as option: 16 kg]
Power supply100 V-240 V、50/60 Hz、50 VA


  • Tips: 500 pieces per package
  • Film (Cell windows): 100 pieces per package
  • PET sheet (Anti-contamination film): 80 pieces per package

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