HORIBA Announces Effects of the Earthquake

16 March 2011

HORIBA, Ltd. extends deepest condolences to people who have suffered from the earthquake off the Pacific Coast of Tohoku, which struck Northeastern Japan on March 11, 2011. The following are effects of the earthquake on HORIBA as of March 15.

  1. Damages caused by the earthquake

    1. Status of employees
      The HORIBA Group’s employees have not been injured by the disaster.
    2. Status of the headquarters and production bases
      The HORIBA Group’s headquarters and production bases have not been affected by  the disaster and are engaged in normal operations.
    3. Status of other offices
      HORIBA’s sales offices and service stations which are located in the Tohoku and Kanto regions have experienced cabinets and lockers falling down by the quake, but have restored the system to continue supporting customers.

  2. Impacts on earnings
    The HORIBA Group will continue confirming the impacts of the earthquake on earnings and intend  to inform all parties concerned in case significant impacts are expected.

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