Mini CCT Plus

Mini Raman Spectrometer

Raman CCD spectrometer with high sensitivity and dynamic range for OEM Raman hand-held applications.

  • High throughput (f/3.1)
  • Three Raman laser ranges: 532nm and 785nm
  • Ultra-miniaturization with CCD USB 2.0 electronics
  • 7000:1 dynamic range
  • SMA or permanent fiber-optic connection
  • VIS- or NIR-optimized back-illuminated CCD
  • CCT optical layout (Crossed-Czerny-Turner)

 Available for US OEM customers only

Segment: Scientific
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Scientific


Benefits for Spectroscopy

Raman range with 785 nm

 210 to 2700 cm–1 coverage

High dynamic range

7000:1 with low readout-noise of 35 e

Back-illuminated linear CCD

QE=77% at 600nm;55% at 850nm with    VIS-optimized (NIR-optimized option: yields 75% QE at 850 nm)

USB 2.0 high and full-speed

Standard connection interfaces to PCs with 100% data integrity

Windows®acquisition software and LabVIEW™ VIs and DLLs available

Software to integrate MINI-CCT+ as an OEM component

No moving parts or shutter

Excellent reliability for OEM integration

Available for US OEM customers only

Spectral coverage

With 532 nm laser:210 to 3500 cm–1
With 660 nm laser:400 to 3150 cm–1
With 785 nm laser:210 to 2700 cm–1

Numerical aperture


Stray light rejection
Typical (Maximum)

0.1% (0.2%)
(measured with bandpass filter 780BP10)

CCD Detector & Typical Q.E.

Back-illuminated CCD with low etaloning in NIR
55% peak QE at 850nm(VIS optimized)

Detector height
Fiber-optic option

300μm CCD height standard (1000μm optional)
200 or 300μm dia.,1m long fiber optic (for 1mm tall CCD, RTS bundle is offered)

Thermoelectric stabilization

None. Dark current and CCD-pattern noise must be subtracted. User must shutter in optical path. QE shifts slightly with temperature.

Spectral resolution
Pixel resolution
Slit (factory configuration)

785nm configuration;25μm slit; 2048 pixels; 8–12cm–1 resolution; 0.19nm/pixel (configuration with 300μm tall CCD)
Available slits: 12-25-37-50-62-75-100-125-150-200μm (contact us for other gratings)

Improved CCD full well
Raw non linearity
Factory corrected non linearity

>250Ke- (sensitivity mode)
<1% (sensitivity mode)

< 0.4% (sensitivity mode)

Typical dynamic range

7000:1 in sensitivity mode

Readout speed

8.6ms (500kHz mode); 116 spectra/s with 0 exposure time (Multi-Acq mode)
Max: 4.5 ms (Ultra mode); 223 spectra/s with 0 exposure time (Multi-Acq mode)

Typical Dark current

1 count/ms at 20°C (room temp.); typical offset = 1000 counts

Typical readout noise

35 e- (Max= 45e-) in sensitivity mode (4 e/count)

A/D converter

16 bit, 500 kHz (pixel rate); optional 2 MHz VIS-CCD

Typical dynamic range

7,000:1 in sensitivity mode


1.8 lb (0.82 kg)

Gain selection

4 e-/count and 8 e-/count

Dimensions (H×  W×D)

4” × 2.71” × 1.49” (101.6 mm × 68.8 mm × 37.8 mm)

* Specifications, Form Factor and Spectrometer Covers are subject to change without notice.

Acquisition software included (LabVIEW™ 2011 only)

  • VIs and top-level code are provided for customer customizations
  • Access to data with raw CCD linearity and corrected linearity done at factory for each CCD chip
  • CCD settings and dark-subtract
  • On-board or software averaging
  • Scale selection between pixel, wavelength, and wavenumber
  • On-board spectral calibration
  • Linearity correction on/off
  • save function to Excel® or text file

No LabVIEW™ license is needed to run our acquisition software. LabVIEW™ license ver. 2011 required to edit our code. No code customization supported in price.

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