Scientific: OEM

Multispectra Spectrometers

MultiTrack Spectrometer Systems

Providing simultaneous measurements up to 32 channels, excellent imaging and as low as 0.1% crosstalk

PoliSpectra® M116

Multichannel Imaging Spectrometer Acquiring 8-16-32 Simultaneous UV-NIR Spectra

PoliSpectra® Quad

Multichannel Grating Spectrometer Acquiring 4 Simultaneous VIS Spectra

PoliSpectra® 135

M135 - MultiSpectra Spectrometer

PoliSpectra® UV-VIS-NIR Hyperspectral System

Hyperspectral Imaging Spectrometer

You can email OEM Technical Sales at: OEM.US(at) or contact OEM at: +1.732.494.8660 Ext. 7733

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