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Grating Spectrometers

  • Optical Spectrometers

  • Grating Spectrometers

  • USB Spectrometers

  • CCD Spectrometers

  • Miniature Spectrometers

  • Fiber Spectrometers

  • Imaging Spectrometer

  • OEM Spectrometers

  • OCT Spectrometers

We offer a range of OEM instruments from miniature fiber spectrometers to research-grade grating spectrometer systems with TE or LN2-cooled CCD and InGaAs detectors.

HORIBA Scientific provides miniature CCD and PDA USB spectrometers as well as 70 to 1250 mm focal length imaging spectrometers with single and multichannel detectors.

If you are not a future OEM and are looking for larger, research-grade spectroscopy systems (focal lengths of 1/4 meter spectrometers and longer), please visit our Custom Spectroscopy Division

UV-Vis-NIR Spectrometers

Innovative, customer-focused spectroscopic  solutions covering spectral range of  180 -1700 nm 

Multi-spectra Spectrometers

Providing simultaneous measurements up to 32 channels, excellent imaging and as low as 0.1% crosstalk

Hyperspectral Imaging System

PoliSpectra H116 - Hyperspectral Imaging Spectrometer

Spectroscopic instruments for push-broom applications combining high spectral and spatial resolution

Miniature Spectrometers

Ultra compact fiber-coupled instruments for portable applications in the 180 - 1700 nm range

Mini Raman Spectrometers

Complete range of miniature Raman components and full systems with deep-cooled CCD cameras

  • Mini CCT 532 and 785 nm
  • CC-Raman-NIR
  • CC-Raman-Green
  • Integrated Raman System (SERS, Flow cell…)

Compact VUV CCD Spectrometer

For far UV applications, combining high resolution and low stray light

OES Spectrometers

OES-Star UV-VIS-NIR Spectrometer

The Ultimate OES Spectrometer Extended Spectral Range UV to NIR with 1 nm resolution Ultra-high throughput

Imaging Scanning Monochromator

H1034 Imaging Scanning Monochromator

High-throughput imaging scanning monochromator based on an aberration-corrected concave holographic grating with low stray light and high efficiency

OCT Spectrometers

Compact spectroscopy unit for SD-OCT (Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography)

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