Unique modular microspectroscopy solution from the leader in spectroscopy

The SMS systems pack high performance on a modular platform, providing the ultimate flexibility in configuring microspectroscopy solutions that are uniquely suited to your needs. Their flexibility and versatility enables the affordable combination of multiple spectroscopic techniques such as Raman, Photoluminescence and Lifetime, etc., on one platform.

Multiple spectroscopic techniques on one platform

Microspectroscopy Your Way!

Watch how we can customize your microscope to perform several spectroscopy techniques or choose a turnkey microscopy system.


Learn how our Standard Microscope Spectroscopy systems can add unique spectroscopic techniques to your microscope.

We show you how we can add various spectroscopy techniques to your existing microscope with light sources, detectors, cameras and spectrometers for multiple applications.

No wafer too large for this customized system.    

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