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Time-resolved Photoluminescence (Lifetime)

Add Time-resolved Photoluminescence or lifetime point and imaging measurement to any SMS system with the Time Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC) option. Working in the time domain removes the confounding influences of concentration and photobleaching, as well as offering insights into temporal phenomena, such as carrier dynamics in photovoltaics and defects in semiconductors. With its industry-leading true 100 MHz system operation, the SMS TCSPC option has fast acquisition rates, with decays acquired in mere milliseconds, allowing for TCSPC lifetime dynamic measurements. Select from our current catalog of over 70 compact pulsed light sources, with more being added all the time.

Time-resolved (Lifetime) Imaging - FLIM With its latest FiPho TCSPC electronics, the SMS offers spatially-resolved lifetime or time-resolved photoluminescence characterization, enabling enhancement and complementary insights to steady state photoluminescence measurements, especially for semiconductor characterization.

Unique TCSPC Benefits

  • 40 years of experience in TCSPC innovation
  • Industry-leading true 100 MHz system operation
  • Lifetimes from 25 ps to seconds
  • True plug and play sources do not require recalibration switching from one to the other
  • Unique SpectraLED LED series for highest efficiency phosphorescence measurements

Time-resolved Photoluminescence (Lifetime) Specifications

Spectrometer and Detectors
Excitation LasersDiscrete pulsed sources available from 260 nm to 1060 nm
Spectral Range (nm)250 nm – 1700 nm
Recommended Gratings11200 g/mm, 600 g/mm, 300 g/mm
Spectral Resolution2 (nm)0.390.180.1
Measurable Lifetime Range325 ps to seconds
Microscope Objectives4Magnification10X50X100X
 Spot Size (fiber-coupled)< 50 μm< 12 μm< 6 μm
 Spot Size (free space-coupled)< 10 μm< 5 μm< 2 μm
Sample StageXYZ (Manual and motorized options available) – 75 x 50 mm; 100 x 100 mm; 150 x 150 mm; 300 x 300 mm
Vision CameraSoftware controlled vision camera included
Additional software5EzTime (or EzTime Image, if doing FLIM)

1 Other gratings available on request
2 Based on 1200 g/mm grating at 500 nm and a 26 μm pixel CCD
3 Electronics and detectors for lifetimes shorter that 25 ps available on request
4 Reflective objectives may be recommended if working in the UV or using multiple sources that cover a broad spectral range
5 Both EzTime and EzTime Image can be installed on the same computer as LabSpec 6

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