In-Situ, In-Line and Large Area Ellipsometers

HORIBA Scientific’s in- situ, in-line and large area ellipsometers are designed for the control of processes in research and industry. From in-situ thin film monitoring to large area uniformity mapping and in-line characterization of flexible devices, we offer a large range of solutions for thin film quality control.

In-Situ / In-Line Ellipsometers

In-situ spectroscopic ellipsometers allow real-time monitoring and control of thin film deposition and etch processes with sub-monolayer resolution. It provides real-time calculation of film thickness, optical constants, and composition of thin film stacks in different ambient.

Large Area Mapping Ellipsometers for Flat Panel Display and Photovoltaic Industries

HORIBA Scientific’s large area spectroscopic ellipsometers are designed to provide thin film control solutions in flat panel display and photovoltaic manufacturing.

Ellipsometry for Organic Webinar