Drop the H1034B into your product and take data immediately. Each unit is pre-aligned at the factory and tested in accordance with your requirements, ensuring consistently high performance. Holographic grating, pioneered by JY, deliver performance not possible with other small designs. Ion-Etched gratings combine the advantages of holographic gratings with a high efficiency. Aberration-corrected concave gratings permit a one-piece opticsl design with excellent imaging properties.


  • An entire spectrum can be scanned in less than two seconds.

  • F/#2.8 . High throughput

  • Resolution less than 1 nm

  • Over 1 million scans!

  • Multi-input imaging

  • Factory tested and aligned 

185 to 1000 nm

Manufactured by HORIBA Scientific



  • Wavelength range 185 to 1000 nm
  • 100 µm x 4 mm slits
  • Resolution 1 nm FWHM with
  • F/# 2.8
  • Grating clear aperture 34 mm x 34 mm
  • Normalized dispersion 

                       7.80 nm/mm at 200 nm

                        7.92 nm/mm at 500 nm

                        7.72 nm/mm at 800 nm

  •  Wavelength Accuracy ± 1 nm with linear fit



H1034B Brochure