HORIBA Medical Announces New Partnership Agreement with BioPacific Diagnostic, Inc.

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HORIBA Medical Partners with Canadian Distributor BioPacific Diagnostic, Inc.

Irvine, California (July 5, 2018) – HORIBA Medical, a worldwide provider of Hematology and Chemistry diagnostic systems, today announced it has extended its distribution channel in Canada through a new partnership with BioPacific Diagnostic Inc., located in Vancouver, Canada. BioPacific Diagnostic provides wholesale diagnostic products for clinical laboratory, environmental, veterinary and industrial uses. The partnership will allow HORIBA Medical to expand its sales operations by capitalizing on the long standing relationships BioPacific has throughout the medical community in Canada.

"BioPacific Diagnostic has over 35 years of experience selling IVD products in the Canadian market. Together with the HORIBA Medical Canadian sales team, they will kick off the partnership by focusing on promoting the HORIBA HELO and Yumizen hematology product line, which provides scalable and automated solutions for hospital and reference laboratories," said LeRoy Blake, Director of Sales Operations for HORIBA Medical Canada. "We can now offer next generation hematology solutions for the core laboratory and reference laboratory sectors in Canada where staffing concerns and financial constraints need to be addressed through improved workflow efficiencies."

According to Andrew Skuse, Chief Operating Officer at BioPacific Diagnostic, "Having the ability to promote the HELO and Yumizen product lines expands our product offering and allows us to utilize our many years of IVD knowledge and experience to help customers make the most informed decision when purchasing hematology analyzers. We’re looking forward to meeting with our long standing customers to share the exciting details of the HELO and Yumizen products."

The CE marked HELO and Yumizen hematology products are manufactured by HORIBA ABX France and have been placed in several hospital and reference laboratories worldwide. HELO, which stands for HORIBA Evolutive Laboratory Organization, provides several automated configurations, allowing customers to choose a layout that best fits their laboratory needs. The most dynamic configuration is the island, where instruments are connected on either side of the track providing a smaller footprint when space is at a premium. Yumizen’s unique name comes from two strong yet diverse words, Yumi and Zen. Yumi means archery bow in Japanese. This noble and traditional object, synonymous with precision and flexibility, has been modernized over the centuries, and symbolizes the advanced technologies that are incorporated into the Yumizen hematology products, now and in future generations. Zen is a Japanese word that evokes relaxation and serenity, resulting in a positive mindset. The name Yumizen has therefore been chosen to express HORIBA Medical’s core values and to create an expression for the impact the use of its instruments should have on its partners – the Yumizen effect!

The Yumizen hematology analyzers include the H2500, the H2500 with a Slide Processing System and the H1500. All three analyzers have mirrored high throughput operational capabilities and like-reagents making the product line ideal for hospitals that are part of integrated networks. The product line also includes the Yumizen P8000, a hematology IT middleware solution that provides an expert validation station with multi-site management capabilities dedicated to monitoring patient results, centralizes quality control management and provides multi-instrument connectivity with global TAT monitoring and remote access.

The partnership represents the perfect marriage of BioPacific Diagnostics IVD knowledge and industry presence in Canada with HORIBA Medical’s automated intelligent hematology solutions. It will accelerate HORIBA Medical’s efforts to become a recognized brand and leader of hematology products in the Canadian market.

About HORIBA Medical

HORIBA Medical, a division of HORIBA Instruments, Inc. based in Irvine, CA is part of the global entity, HORIBA, Ltd. headquartered in Kyoto, Japan. Founded in Kyoto in 1945, HORIBA is one of the major leaders in the global market of analysis and measuring instruments. HORIBA Medical manufactures and distributes in vitro diagnostic hematology and chemistry systems for the physician office laboratory and the hospital laboratory markets worldwide. They employ over 1,100 employees, they have five production centers located in Japan, Brazil, China, France and India, and R&D centers located in Japan and France. HORIBA Medical has over 100 distribution partners who sell products in over 110 countries on all five continents. Over 30,000 laboratories worldwide use HORIBA Medical’s products.

About BioPacific Diagnostic Inc.

BioPacific, based in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, was founded in 1983. It is a family owned medical laboratory supplies distribution business serving Canadian hospitals, private laboratories, veterinary clinics, doctors’ offices, government services and agriculture industries. BioPacific, through strong supplier relationships and customer service care, has established a steadily growing presence in the Canadian diagnostic market. With 11 employees across Canada, BioPacific manages its company prioritizing quality product lines and superior customer service.