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Mais GD-Profiler 2™

Discover a Whole New World of Information with Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectrometer

Mais LabRAM Odyssey

Best-in-class Raman Imaging & High Resolution Spectrometer

Mais Fluorolog-QM

Modular Research Fluorometer for Lifetime and Steady State Measurements

Mais Single Channel Detectors

Large choice of PMTs, solid state, photoelectric detectors for custom spectroscopy solutions

Mais UVISEL Plus

Spectroscopic Ellipsometer from FUV to NIR: 190 to 2100 nm

Mais MicOS

Photoluminescence Microspectrometer

Mais CoolOne

Dual Mode Analog/Photon Counting PMT

Mais Triax Series

Short Focal Length Triple Grating Imaging Spectrographs

Mais 1000M Series

Long Focal Length Spectrometer

Mais iHR Series

Mid-Focal Length Imaging Spectrometers

Mais Ultima

Ultra Fast TCSPC Lifetime Fluorometer

Mais SpectraLED

LED Phosphorescence Light Sources

Mais DeltaTime

TCSPC Lifetime Kit

Mais DeltaPro

TCSPC Lifetime Fluorometer

Mais DeltaFlex

TCSPC Lifetime Fluorometer

Mais FluoroMax

Steady State and Lifetime Benchtop Spectrofluorometer