Equipamentos Elétricos

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Mais Aqualog Datastream

For Instant Water Quality Reports

Mais PA-1000

Environmental Radiation Monitor "Radi"

Mais ICP Neo

ICP Software

Mais MacroRAM™

Affordable Benchtop Raman Spectrometer

Mais LAQUAtwin pH-22

Pocket Water Quality Meters

Mais EMIA-Pro

Carbon/Sulfur Analyzer

Mais LAQUAtwin pH-11

Pocket Water Quality Meters

Mais HO-480

Panel-mount Type ORP Meter (Four-Wire Transmission)

Mais HP-960FTP

Panel-mount Type pH Meter (Four-Wire Transmission, 4 point ararm, Time sharing Proportional Control)

Mais LAQUA DS-72

Benchtop Water Quality Meters

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